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First of… Thank you for visiting our site!

Jiddu Krishnamurti once said:

"Freedom and love go together. Love is not a reaction. If I love you because you love me, that is mere trade, a thing to be bought in the market; it is not love. To love is not to ask anything in return, not even to feel that you are giving something and it is only such love that can know freedom."

We have built this out of pleasure and LOVE for FREEDOM and to SHARE our views with YOU! You will find no products for sale, paid advertisement, donation button, statistics or promotions on our site! This is because we are not selling you anything, we are sharing. We and any individual who has given us feedback or a communication to share on this site has done so in free spirit and love.

What we hope to achieve with

Help others to be free, by making it clear that the real truth comes from within yourself and the real solution is in you. In order to be free, you must first learn to see that!

Help others to Wake Up, if we like it or not, there is corruption, suppression, control and lies out there and we need to say STOP and no longer just accept it all and or ignore it!

Inform and share with everyone, the information we have found and believe is important to know in one way or another! We try to do this in as few words as possible and by following our own instincts.

We do know from personal experience that trying to inform yourself on all these subjects can be extremely time consuming and even frustrating if not confusing at some stages. As we have gone through a lot of this ourselves and will continue to do so, we want to provide you with a collection of what we have found and gathered, in the hope this will speed up the journey for yourself and save some frustration when not knowing where to look anymore... We also found that sometimes reading one thing can trigger a new question or even suspicion and is part of the reason why we have tried to provide you with what we felt most helpful.

Even though is a site with its own intellectual property, we feel it is important for you to know that:

We are in no form or shape a Company of any sort, we are a group of individuals with an opinion. We do not try to further any sect, religion group or other believe, but feel that that is every individuals choice. We have no intention of imposing any theory's or facts on anyone, but we want to share what we have found.

We are of the opinion that there is a lot of information that is suppressed or held back by the grater (government, big companies etc...). We believe this is done with intent and deliberately in order to ensure control and suppression for money, greed or power over humanity and this planet.

We want to convey a message; we believe there are not enough individuals on this plant that have woken up. When we refer to 'wake-up' we refer to this as in becoming aware that there is more information, facts, believes, theories, groups, views, visions and ways of being that is commonly known. We are also convinced that it is essential for everyone to have all the information, all sides and all points of view in order to better form their own opinion. What each one takes away with them or not, is their own choice.

Even though it could be argued that some of the information or links we have provided may stem from or be part of a particular groups, believes or sects...  This does NOT mean that we are part of such groupings but simply felt that all of it or part of it is of essence, regardless of your own convictions and may provide you with some interesting information.

We strongly urge all to not become a “follower”, even if the information has a huge if not awakening effect on you and remember that the solution and truth is only within you. We can and should accept help and guidance, but should never become submissive or obedient in any way!

For this reason, we warn all, to think twice before paying or joining something! We believe that if someone wants to truly pass on a message for the greater good and for no personal benefit, it will NOT cost you anything!!! You should also in no case need to join something in order to receive more information... But that is just one of our own viewpoints ;) Of course, we are not saying to NOT buy an object, donate or pay for a service you would like to receive, if that is what you wish to do. In the end, even a great group or individual needs funds to make, support and continue to build what they are doing!

The “Legal” bit… all rights, including the copyrights of the content, links, images, videos, sounds, quotes and references mentioned or provided on remain with the original "Submitters" or “creator”. All of the just mentioned items found on this are for editorial purposes and Non-Commercial use only. Our own information summaries and conclusions are built on the information provided and represent our opinions, shared with the reader. All information on should at no time be misinterpreted or used as a factual reference but considered our “view” and “opinion” only, which the reader may choose to share or not.


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PS: YOUR “donation” to US is by providing us feedback and sharing your thoughts and experience!